What is a security seal?

A security seal is a physical and numbered device that is placed on some closing mechanism in such a way that, in order to access the values ​​or merchandise contained, the complete destruction of the seal must be caused, which should happen only in two circumstances: that it be broken by an authorized person or that it shows in which part of the logistics handling or transport process the security of the cargo was violated.

What kinds of security seals are there on the market?

Strap-type security seals: Seals made of polypropylene, (Plastic material), are used for the chain of storage and custody, their objective is to leave evidence at the time of handling. Metal-type security seals: Seals used to provide barrier protection. These seals are made of metal. Bottle or export-type seals for containers and cable or cable seals are classified here. Electronic stamps: these stamps generally show a record at the time of use, time, day and date of use, they are mostly reusable. Security adhesive tape seals, Void-type tapes, which leave evidence on wood, acrylic or metal surfaces.

By what other names are seals known?

They are known as seals, security seals or in regions such as Central America they are known by the name of marches or belts.

How to select a suitable security seal?

Here it is important to define what type of unit is going to be sealed, also to see at what temperature its installation is going to be carried out, the time that the seal will be exposed, look for an immediate removal seal or one that creates a barrier, value of the content of the merchandise, with these elements we can define the appropriate stamp for the operation.

Common seal names
  • Flat strap seal
  • Mousetail Strap Seals
  • Cable seals
  • Rotor, butterfly or drum seals
  • Guaya seal
  • Adhesive tapes
Recommendations to implement a security system?

Keep the stamps in a safe place and with good storage.

List and mark the seals.

Check the stamps upon receipt.

Train the user with field work.

Report non-conformities of the seal

After activating the seal, document it.

Verify the authenticity and integrity of the seal before cutting it.

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