If I want to exchange or return a product, what steps should I follow?

First of all, you must call Customer Service in Medellín, at the number (604) 2623240 ext. 1001, and comment on your situation, the Customer Service collaborators will proceed with the request and confirm if it meets the requirements to be evaluated. In a few days they are calling you to confirm the steps to follow with the application.

How many days is the guaranteed satisfaction benefit that Vélez Palacio offers me valid?

The validity period of the guaranteed satisfaction benefit offered by Vepasa is 10 days from the date the product is delivered to the customer.

¿Can I find out the status of my order?

Yes you can find out the status of your order. To do so, you must enter the link “Purchases status” at the bottom of the page.

What do I do if my product has not arrived at home and the delivery date has already passed?

To find out what eventuality occurred with your address in this case, you must contact our Customer Service line.

Modifications or missing – Agency 5

Hello Laura, it is assimilated that they already have to take into account all the details and observations that had been made previously, in any case, we were reviewing it together and we would like these notes not to be left out:

Secure payment: The payment gateway that was selected by the purchasing area must be added.

Certifications logo. (Falta)

– “State of purchases” It is important that we have this field, so that the client can know the status of the purchase, the claim requests (in which case they present it) and the field allows the dispatch guides to be attached when they are already delivered.

-Minimum quantities from 10 units and the maximum is depending on the products, since the maximum purchase is 3,000,000

-Modify the hours in Customer Service, attention from 07:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.

– It is important to attach the email and WhatsApp number so that when you make the purchase and make a payment you are notified immediately, since after the payment is made, we have 5 business days to deliver the product.

– Regarding free deliveries, these will only be made from 400,000 pesos, if the customer buys below that amount, it is important that the page calculates the value of the freight.

-For the means of payment, something like the following image can be attached, since if only the PSE option appears, the client will believe that they have no other payment options.

-Additional information field:

When the customer goes to make the payment, there is a field where the customer can leave notes about their order, for example, special notes for delivery or the option to leave the order at the concierge.

-Terms and Conditions

When giving the option to finalize the purchase, the following information must appear:

By continuing, you agree to our Terms and Conditions

By clicking on this option you are confirming that you accept all the terms and conditions of Vélez Palacio S.A. Information that you find in Our Policies and Frequently Asked Questions we ask you to read what you are accepting at the time of making a purchase.

You must bear in mind that the DELIVERY TIMES ARE 5 BUSINESS DAYS, not Saturdays, not Sundays, not holidays. The tracking information of the guide will be 9-14 business days, before that time “guide not located” or “guide not existing” will come out. Any news or problem with your order please leave us a message in the “contact us” option that is at the bottom of the page. Privacy Policy.

By clicking here I authorize the processing of my personal data for the purposes specified in the privacy notice and the personal data processing policy of Vélez Palacio S.A privacy policy, terms and conditions *

Laura, in general we need instructions, where you can detail the process to modify and manipulate the information on the website and shopping cart, this in order that if the people who are carrying out the process are not there later on, At this time, the new people have the knowledge and tools to continue working on it.

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